Team Economics

Paridhi Puri


Lover of words, foreshadowing in fiction and poetry - can be found on Twitter, talking about pop culture and mental health.

Shruti Bhardwaj


A jocose economics student who thrives on multi-tasking and can probably live on the stage with her dance costume and a ukulele

Bhavya Pandey


Econ student and enthusiast, writer, reader, policy researcher.

Soumil Agarwal


I'm a college freshman with a passion for Economics and English, and my interests range anywhere from Shakespeare to crunching stats and numbers.

Bharathi Jayaraman


An ordinary human being thriving to acquaint with the piquancy
of Economics, Philosophy and Life in one plate.

Stuti Shreya Gupta


Bibliophile, Inspired artist, Stephanian and ECONOMICS Enthusiast

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